Top 6 Fire Safety Tips – well, there is no “one answer fits all” for fire safety. The impact of a fire can be disastrous for any business. Have the risks been considered? Safety of your staff and visitors, buildings and equipment, business interruption or worse? How does your business approach fire safety? The correct answer for all should be “seriously”.

Here are six tips to consider for your company’s fire safety.


1: Keep Things In Your Workplace Clean and Tidy

“An orderly desk means an orderly mind”. Well if this approach is magnified companywide this is a great start. There are more safety dangers in untidy environments than ones which remain clean, tidy and organised. Lack of organisation, poor practice and general clutter can all increase the “fire load” for any place or environment. Swift evacuation could be hindered, so ensure routes, stairs and exits remain clear. Ensure things are stored appropriately. COSHH regulations ensure flammable items and liquids are stored correctly and in the right place in appropriate fire-resistant containers. Remove waste so that it doesn’t build. A real hazard, often very combustible and a significant impact on fire load.


2: Ensure That You Have The Correct Fire Safety Equipment 

The right fire safety equipment, appropriately organised, reduces the risk of a fire even starting. Alerts can keep staff and visitors safe. Fire extinguishers can be used to put out a fire before getting out of control. Have you consider the need or suitability of any smoke alarms, fire exit signage and emergency lighting, fire escapes and fire prevention systems, such as sprinklers.


3: Undertake a Fire Risk Assessments 

This is more than a top tip, it is a legal obligation but beyond this they are the first step in fire safety. To ensure fire safety you need to assess the environment, buildings and their use, risks and hazards. Consider risks and potential impact on people and the workplace. Control measures can help manage risk. Don’t file away your Fire Risk Assessment, but review, review and review. Things change.


4: Ensure Your Staff Are Trained in Fire Safety

You probably train them in their key task; it is essential that you staff are trained in fire safety too. They must know what to do in the event of a fire. What’s the plan? Through appropriate training your staff’s safety can be assured and they can take people to safety out of the building or area, follow the steps and plan as outlined in your risk assessment.


5: Electrical Safety is key

Complacency in the use and maintenance of electrical equipment can create unnecessary fire risks and indeed fires. Have you overloaded the plug sockets and is the equipment kept in the right environment? Inspect regularly. PAT test. Review again.


6: Have A Workplace Fire Warden

Don’t confuse these with the Responsible Person. That could be you! It’s someone. Appoint a fire warden in your workplace. Members of staff responsible for the creation and maintenance of the fire safety procedures. In the event of a fire they need to organise an evacuation and check that everyone is out of building. Through the right training staff need to know exactly how to maintain fire safety and keep employees and customers safe.

I know we said Top 6 Fire Safety Tips

And here is an extra tip! Don’t hesitate, deal with your fire safety now. It’s a big responsibly. It’s your responsibility and it’s your responsibility to make it happen. You don’t need to have all the answers yourself, if needed just call on fire safety experts. Peninsula Fire Safety 01271 442 411.


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