Covid19 has been restrictive but the Peninsula Fire Safety team hasn’t been idle! “We’ve looked to develop our services, making improvements and enhancements where we can” reported Jon Limer. Our latest project is the launch of our new website.

“Today’s launch is the first step; our website will continue to evolve, expand and develop. We will grow our online fire safety advice and guidance on a range of topics. We’ll talk about what to look for in a Fire Risk Assessment  (Remember they are not always the same), System Audits, Legal compliance, Evacuation plans Fire Door Inspections and much more. Do you have any particular suggestions or topics which will help you?

Fire Safety Talk (our blog) will be kept alive and fresh with news, expert comments, announcements of new legislation and regulations and more.” Jon continued. “One particular innovation is to invite Guest posts. We welcome interesting and informative contributions to Fire Safety Talk from contacts, allied businesses and organisations promoting wider knowledge and education on all aspects of fire safety. All we ask is that this is reciprocated, allowing us to Guest post on your site too. Please contact us with your ideas and suggestions. Feel free to send us a draft of unique copy, alternatively we’re happy to write something with you. What we are keen to keep our blog informative and up to date, encouraging visits and revisits.

Based in our offices in North Devon, we cover, as our name suggests the south west Peninsula from Bristol, through Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. “Several of our major clients ask us to advise them on their full portfolio where we visit commercial premises throughout England and Wales, so we can be flexible in our approach, and if we can assist, we will”.

This is just part of our continuing development and we prepare for the new norm. The new norm is here!

Jon Limer

Jon Limer | Director [email protected] 07949 614 983

Jon Limer | Director
[email protected]
07949 614 983

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