It’s probably hard to believe but arson is the largest single cause of fire in England and Wales; research estimates that the cost is around £2.53 billion every year. Owing to this arson fire safety advice is essential. More worrying is the significant human cost. In the last decade there have been around 2.3 million fires started on purpose, resulting in over 25,000 injuries and a shocking 900 deaths. Effectively this means that on average there are an incredible 1,600 arson fires, causing injuries to 50 people, resulting in 2 deaths; and that is each week. The financial impact is not insignificant either; £45 million weekly. Source: Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service

With the threat of arson fire safety advice is essential.

Well, an awareness of the threat of arson, fire safety and good general housekeeping is the first step. Ensure that combustible materials are kept away from buildings and keep escape routes clear, in case of any emergency. If you have rubbish or store anything combustible, ensure that is secure preferably in a compound or even better inside a secure building. Keep vegetation, trees and weeds trimmed back to prevent them being set alight or just used as a place to hide. Think and risk assess as you go, even casually.

Your company’s overall approach to security can play an important part in reducing these risks and any opportunities too. Use quality locks, keep gates and fences secure. Use flood lighting and intruder detection. CCTV is accessible and affordable for many and use signs to highlight that surveillance is being used. Northing is guaranteed but risks can be reduced, dramatically.

Can security equipment help reduce the risk of arson?

Steve Banfied, Operations Director of Advanced Security Alarm Protection, an Exeter based company specialising in full design, installation and maintenance service for electronic security systems throughout the south west commented. “The latest technology is straightforward and easy to use. A modern comprehensive CCTV system protecting your building is a sound and prudent investment. Images can be viewed in real time, even on your phone and recorded. Infrared cameras allow high quality images even at night, helping you monitor your premises and act as a deterrent too; creating real piece of mind.”

When undertaking our fire safety inspection our Peninsula Fire Safety engineers, as part of our Fire Risk Assessment, closely scrutinise all aspects of your building considering fire risks, highlighting these to you so that they can be considered and managed, limiting where possible the chance of an arson attack. When risks are assessed, where considered additional protection is needed, we recommend consulting with fire safety equipment experts to advise on the latest solutions and specialist equipment available; it’s a potential minefield. Expert advice is essential. Find the right solution; not any solution. The equipment  may look great in the picture and the price is right, but different equipment offers different specifications and standards. Does your property insurance require minimum standards? Mistakes in choosing the wrong equipment can prove expensive to remedy, with advances in technology offering new alternatives all the time. The Advanced Security Alarm Protection team are security equipment experts, delivering a professional approach and service; we suggest you talk with them. Manage your fire safety risks.

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