Fire alarm systems have come along way over the past few years. Often our inspections reveal that many fire alarms which protect buildings and the people within them are outdated and are no longer suitable, through the age of the system or the way it is laid out in the building.

If you have a fire alarm system in your building it’s very likely that you are having it maintained (you should be), your maintenance company should be undertaking this work in accordance with the British Standards and this means that “it is a verification of the functionally and serviceability of the existing system” (source BS 5839-1 2017 section 45.1) and not a review of the system design, as your building evolves through business changes and as the detection ages it may have become outdated and no longer appropriate for business and layout of the building.

When making our inspection to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment we quite often see buildings with ageing equipment and higher than acceptable false alarm rates, due to device contamination or poorly sighted detection where the room use has changed, we see systems with prolonged devices isolated due to recurring activations and other such life risking scenarios.

Here at Peninsula Fire Safety SW we don’t sell systems but with over 20 years’ experience in the systems industry we have the knowledge and experience to review your fire safety system and if required help you find the right one.  With complete impartiality and for a fraction of the cost of a new system we provide a RAG report giving clear information as to the systems suitability and condition for the building.  We also provide specifications and design services so you can control what you require for your building and application.

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