Fire Safety Tips for Christmas

There is every reason that people will be looking to end 2020 with some cheer by brightening up the home with Christmas decorations. And don’t we need some cheer this year! However, it is a sad fact that the risk of fire increases the lights and appliances dubiously plugged in to overloaded extension leads.
This year especially we’ve plenty to think about. Safety will be uppermost in our thoughts but perhaps not fire safety.

Keep safe this Christmas.

The key areas needing your attention are the decorations, ever more prevalent use of lights, Christmas trees and in the kitchen.

Decorate sensibly.

Garlands, tinsel, lights, adorn many homes at Christmas. But these could all be the start of a fire if you are complacent. Think carefully about where you put things:

Don’t hang decorations near fireplaces, Christmas lights, radiators, heaters or candles. It may look great above the fireplace but if it falls down …..

Use fire resistant decorations so they won’t catch fire easily.

Check the condition & standards of your Christmas lights.

It’s part of the tradition, we use the same lights, year on year?

Pulling and twisting the wires can cause damage them. Check them over, including plugs and switches.

Electrical items should have the European Safety or British kitemark on them. Check. If yours don’t, buy some that do.

Use LEDs which are lower voltage, thus generating much less heat.

Don’t to overload extension leads. Overloading or not unravelling can cause overheating; this is just asking for a fire.

The use of lights outdoors is increasingly popular. Use a residual current device (RCD) outside. If there is a fault the supply is cut immediately. We’re in the UK, it will rain.

Electricity and water don’t mix. One spark can start a fire. The consequence don’t bear thinking about. Human life, your property; everything!

Turn off and unplug electricals when you’re out.

Coming back to a pretty, festive house is part of the idyllic picture. If there is a fault, make sure you are around to deal with it.

Turn off the wall sockets and unplug leads, including extension leads for complete safety. Even when turned off some appliances can still draw power.

Candles are popular. Use with ultra-care.

Of course we always use candles with care but take extra care with fire safety around Christmas.

Place candles where they won’t get knocked over.

Keep them well away from decorations and the Christmas tree.

Never leave candles unattended. Never!

Make sure you fully extinguish matches, don’t just throw them into the bin.

Select a suitable tree for your Christmas safety

A real Christmas tree looks a picture. But underwatered trees can pose a real fire safety hazard, so pay attention when picking and remember that it’s a live plant.

Here are some extra tips for keeping your tree safe:

Xmas Tree Fire
• Don’t place it near any heat sources. Perhaps think about lowering the hearing thermostat (as much as is comfortable).

• Water it. It will help it stay fresh and safe.

• If you have an artificial tree some have a ‘flame retardant’ label, but don’t confuse this as being fire-proof.

• Only use lights which comply to British Standards (which you can identify by the safety kitemark) or have the CE Safety Standard mark.



Use care whilst cooking.

Even though you are embracing the Christmas mood, remember you’re working with heat and fire. It can be a dangerous place. Give it respect.

Keep in mind the following:

Focus on what you’re doing.
Remember to turn everything off when finished.

Enjoy your Christmas. Keep safe. Keep Covid19 safe and keep fire safe too!

Seasons’ greetings from the team at Peninsula Fire Safety.

Jon Limer



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