Holiday Cottage Staycation

Holiday cottage staycations and the west country. As the region looks forward towards the end of the year, holiday cottage owners are no doubt reflecting on 2020, trying to assess the impact of Covid19. It couldn’t have started worse but once lockdown was relaxed it was clearly evident that the region not only remains popular but encouraged by the lack of international options, is being discovered and for many rediscovered, remembering old memories and making new ones.

Fire safety in holiday cottages

Well, Jon Limer Director of Peninsula Fire Safety hopes that their memories will be good ones. “Whilst naturally understanding the need for fire safety, many owners remain unaware that there is a legal obligation to have a Fire Risk Assessment in place, with the law applying if anyone pays to stay in a property, other than to live there as a permanent home! Holiday Cottage staycation and yes, that includes Airbnb too! We’ve recently visited some really lovely properties in our travels throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, where the owners have clearly invested considerable time and money to ensure that their guests have a really fabulous time, trying to think of absolutely for minor tweaks, preparation of documentation or other modifications, others perhaps a little greater. Ignorance is no defence. Whilst rare, fires do happen, and the consequences can be huge.

Are you the Responsible Person?

Naturally the guests’ safety is the primary concern. Under the law there is a Responsible Person for every property! That could be you! If there is a fire, damage can vary enormously, perhaps needing costly repairs and in the meantime stopping any further lettings. We can hear you shouting “my insurance covers all that!” Well, our advice is not to presume that but to check! If legislation isn’t complied with, particularly in respect of fire and safety, this may render insurance policies null and void and yes, as the Responsible Person, the implications could be enormous, including legal action!“

“We much prefer when our clients are proactive, where we can provide advice and guidance. Occasionally we are called in following an event which is always sad. There is a distinct increase in the number of calls we are receiving to provide Fire Risk Assessments and with quieter times ahead this is the perfect time to get this carried out, allowing any modifications and procedures to be incorporate, as part of the out of season review. We are keen that property owners are aware of their obligations and, as fire safety specialists, we are always approachable to discuss fire safety in confidence and without obligation.”

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